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Fleckenstein Gallery & Archival Framing

We specialize in archival framing (synonymous with museum, conservation or preservation framing), which involves using high-quality non-acidic materials and special techniques to protect and keep the piece being framed as close to its original condition as possible. We follow standards set by the Library of Congress and collaborate with a variety of local art conservators. Educational material from our industry publications, the American Institute of Conservation and the Washington Conservation Guild provide current valuable information and resources for the client as well as for the framer.

We recommend archival framing for artwork or items of sentimental or monetary value (i.e. original art, great-grandma’s beaded purse, a child’s drawing). We also frame items that do not require archival treatment, such as inexpensive posters or temporary signs. A conservator should work on a damaged item before we frame it; we will guide you through that process.

Consider framing a good printed copy of a delicate piece (such as a brittle antique photograph or document), while archivally storing the original, to prevent further stress and possible light damage. Today’s printers come very close to the original colors, and computer "magic" can fill in missing areas of photographs and other works on paper, making a visually complete copy.

We work with private clients, corporations, interior designers and other galleries. New clients are always welcome.