Mary Deacon Opasik
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Found Object Assemblage


Mary Deacon Opasik
Artist Statement

"Bird imagery, with its rich abundance of visual metaphor, has always fascinated me, and has now taken shape in “Birdland”, my latest series of wall assemblages.

As if risen from the ashes like a phoenix, a multitude of found objects—cast-off furniture parts, aged metals and hardware--have materialized into avian forms of fancy, shaped by my vision and the tools and processes of my studio, which together attempt to re-interpret and honor the unique histories betrayed by each weathered component.

Most of the materials in each assemblage were found in local wooded areas as I walked my dog; some were passed along to me by dear friends. My tools and processes are simple: files, chisels, band saws and sanders used sparingly on disparate pieces bolted, riveted, screwed, brazed, and occasionally welded."


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