Ricardo Contreras
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Original Photographs


Ricardo Contreras
Biography & Artist Statement

Ricardo Contreras recently graduated with a BFA in General Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in West Palm Beach Florida, where he studied at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Ricardo’s primary mediums are photography, drawing, and installations where he plays with light and shadow with paper cuts on transparent layers of paper. Through the placement of figures of pure light and shadow and at times text, the work attempts to understand the network of energy and connectedness that is our universe and how it creates our human consciousness which in turn is responsible for the way we lead our lives, the relationships we are part of and how we create our environments and destinies. Ricardo was one of two recipients of the NEA John Rena Art Scholarship and plans on pursuing an MFA. He hopes to ultimately become an exhibiting artist while teaching at the university level. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and West Palm Beach, Florida.

“My work deals with the idea that the universe and everything in it is interconnected through a web of energy and attempts to visualize our space and us within it, not through what we see, but through our energetic and emotional connections held together by the energy field that is the universe. The figures in the light pieces and the development pieces appear alienated, and perhaps they believe that they are, because this connecting force often goes unperceived. In these bodies of work light both physically makes the work exist and integrates the figures into a single plane of existence in which they are all connected in a homogenous energy field of light. In my more recent bodies of work the figures float, in a state of levitation, neither rising nor falling, suspended between one state of being and another in a dissolving space created by the physical dissolution of the photographic emulsion through Mordençage. I attempt to grasp at these in between spaces and energy states not only through the figurative narrative but also through the physical deterioration of the flat space they inhabit, catching the moment between one space and another.”

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