Garrett Ames-Ledbetter
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Original Encaustic Paintings



Garrett Ames-Ledbetter
Biography & Artist Statement

Garrett Ames- Ledbetter graduated in 2011 after studying Art and Environmental Studies at Gordon College. In the summer of 2011, he and a fellow artist, Anna Taylor, completed a commission for a sixty foot by four foot series of paintings installed in the Ken Olsen Science Center in Wenham Massachusetts. He is now working in Orvieto Italy as a teacher’s assistant for a drawing class while continuing to work on his own painting integrating story and land.

Ames-Ledbetter's texturally rich encaustic paintings deal with narrative through contrasting abstract landscapes. The work was originally taken from a collaboration in which Ames-Ledbetter and four other artists explored the universal and individual experiences of classic plot structure. Preceded by the exposition and conflict and followed by climax and resolution, Ames-Ledbetter's work captures the rising action of the common narrative. As we deal with the ramifications of conflict, we are forced to grow while we simultaneously delve into the darker elements of our situation and ourselves. Moving forward in search of a climax and ultimately resolution, we confront the unknown, take solace in the moments of peace, and try to embrace the tension between the two. Choosing to use encaustics (pigment suspended in beeswax) and a wide variety of other materials, he was able to give the work a physical presence as well as subject the work to a certain degree of chance, as it is impossible to predict with complete certainty how heat will affect the surface and patterning of the encaustics.


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