Anne Rich
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Original Oil Paintings

Anne Rich
Artist Statement

I paint landscapes and seascapes. I am a sky watcher. I value solitude, and being outside, preferably on a beach or a riverbank. Most of my paintings are daylight subjects with clear color chords in green, white, and blue. Forms are simplified and color is intensified. Movement and stillness, a feeling of presence and nearness is what I try to paint. I do not feel like I am merely illustrating for others to see. For me my subjects are enchanting and the process is engaging. I am happy that people like what I love to do.

When I am outside I feel a sense of lucidity; of truly being in the here and now. Recalling and attempting to simulate that force in the quiet of my studio is an added bonus. My time is well spent when I can come away feeling as though I have created something I want to share with others; the grace I felt in the there and then.

- Anne T. Rich

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